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LMI Pump Parts AccessoriesLMI Pump Parts Accessories for Chemical Metering Pumps – LMI offers a complete line of accessories & repair parts to customize and complete your installation. These include: Auto prime valve 4FV/3FV/Bleed 4FV, Micropace™ Control Modules, Agitators, Pressure Relief Valves, Back Pressure Valves, Primer Flush Kit, Calibration Cylinders, Pulse Transmitter, Conduit Connection Kit, Pump Mounting Accessories, Corp Stop & Nozzle Assemblies, Remote Auto Flush Controllers, Digi-Pulse™ Flow Monitors
Seal Ring Kit, Extension Cable Assemblies, Splash Guard, Flow Indicator, Suction Tubing Accessories, Fluoride Saturator, Syphon Breaker, Flowmeter, Tanks, Remote Programmable Flowmeter, Tubing Connector Assemblies, Liquid & Low Level Switches.

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